Three Rivers Wastewater Services

Learn About the Wastewater Treatment Process in Three Rivers, OR

Although Three Rivers wastewater services are a portion of our everyday utility costs many people aren't sure what wastewater refers to. Wastewater is water that's not used as drinking water but instead is water that has been used and drained out of a house or business through;

  • Sinks
  • Bathtubs
  • Toilets
  • Dishwaters
  • Washing machines

Rainwater and storm runoff from roofs, gutters and yards that flow into sewage system is also considered wastewater.

Three Rivers Sewage Services

Sewage is a subset of Three Rivers wastewater services that may appear on your utility bill. Sewage refers to wastewater containing human waste contaminants. However, sewage sometimes refers to all wastewater that is disposed of through the sewer.

Wastewater Treatment in Three Rivers, Oregon

Due to the contaminants wastewater needs to be treated prior to it being put back into the environment. Contaminants may include:

  • Human wastes
  • Oil
  • Soaps
  • Chemicals
  • Food scraps

Basically just about anything that a person puts down a drain could become a contaminant. The environment can naturally handle some contaminants, but because of the elevated amount of water that we use wastewater must be treated. Part of the cost involved with Three Rivers wastewater services includes the removal of pollutants at a treatment plant.

Wastewater treatment ensures that our rivers, lakes and oceans remain clean and safe to enjoy. Many of the byproducts that come out of treated wastewater are recycled. The remainder is disposed of in a manner that is more controlled and has a small impact on the earth.

How to Get Three Rivers Wastewater and Treatment Services

Wastewater services in Three Rivers are usually provided by your utility company, but keep in mind these services are sometimes provided separately from electricity, garbage pick up, gas services, etc. In lots of areas the city or municipality will supply wastewater services. These services are rendered to protect the people of the community and the environment, services that are often the responsibility of the local Three Rivers government.

However, there are private businesses that provide Three Rivers wastewater services as well.

How Much Do Three Rivers Wastewater Services Cost?

The price of Three Rivers wastewater services varies from location to location, and in some areas all water-related services are going up in price. Some people are surprised to find that their wastewater services cost more than water itself. That's due to the intensive and costly process involved with treating the wastewater.

The monthly cost is determined by measuring the water usage which is indicated by just how much water has passed through your meter since the previous month.

Wastewater will be just one of several costs included in your water bill.